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Lyrics to Amapola's Award Winning Songs

List Of Songs

Amapola's Third Gold Single
"Loss Of Love"
The Love Theme from "The Sunflower"
"Sinner Or Saint"
From The Motion Picture "You Are My Destiny"
"Story Of A Starry Night"
From The Motion Picture "Mr. Lonely"
"Kapantay Ay Langit"
Amapola's Award Winning Movie Theme

The Amapola Singles

In the few years Amapola reigned as "The Jukebox Queen", all of the singles released and distributed thereafter were all lifted from the same album "Songs and Amapola" - a most coveted album for its full contents of only top ten hits. "Never" stayed in the charts and radio airplay for a record breaking fifteen weeks only replaced by "Sinner Or Saint"- also an Amapola chart topping song.

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